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  • Is Levermore Global Scholar a major or minor?
    • No, Adelphi’s Levermore Global Scholars Program is not a major or minor. You can work towards any Adelphi major or minor while participating in the program. LGS accepts students from all disciplines. You take Levermore Global Scholars courses that groom you to be a global citizen in whichever field you choose. These courses often also fulfill credits you would have needed to satisfy general education requirements. Your undergraduate transcript will designate you as a Levermore Global Scholar, and you will also receive a special Levermore Global Scholars sash during graduation.
  • How many courses do I have to take that I would not normally have taken?
    • Very few, as a Levermore Global Scholar you will take a normal course load and work towards any Adelphi major or minor. You will take some of your general education requirements in special “Levermore Seminars,” designed to explore the connection between academic learning and civic engagement and between political, social, economic and cultural issues and their global dimension and impact. (General education requirements are a selection of topics that must be studied by every major.) These small Levermore Seminars with fewer than 20 students in each class are discussion and writing intensive.
    • All LGS students are required to reach a level IV in any foreign language. Some students complete this requirement in high school, while others take language courses at Adelphi. You will be encouraged to enhance your learning by engaging in internships both at home and abroad.
  • How does the Levermore Global Scholars Program differ from other majors/academic programs at Adelphi and other Universities?
    • The Levermore Global Scholars program is unique in its form and design. It combines the best academic, integrationist, traineeship and international practices of honors college, service learning programs, learning communities and international studies programs into one comprehensive global study and experiential learning program.
    • LGS is a leadership program, not a specific major, so you can explore any field while you are also preparing to be a global leader. Like the honors program, LGS determines the courses you will take for your general education requirements. As in a learning community, you gain a community identity by taking some courses with other Levermore Global Scholars and doing various community activities together. Just as in a service learning program, you do hands-on work in organizations through internships. Similar to an international studies program, you will learn about global issues and international affairs. LGS provides aspects of all these different types of programs, linking them with practical experience through various internships and study abroad. LGS puts all these programmatic elements together in a unique manner to develop global leadership while you pursue any chosen field of study.
    • Students in the Levermore Global Scholars program are very interested in serving their communities, both local and global. Current issues debates in and outside of classes and meetings help make LGS students aware of today’s social, economic, political and cultural issues that have a global dimension.
  • How are Levermore seminars different from other courses at Adelphi?
    • Levermore seminars explore not just the main subject material, but also related global issues.  For example, the Science Seminar will focus on scientific issues affecting today’s politics. You will learn enough about the science behind global warming, AIDS or bio-fuel to understand the global debates. LGS keeps class size small with no more than 20 students, and teaches primarily through discussions and writing rather than lectures and tests.
  • Is the Levermore Global Scholar program available to graduate students?
    • No, LGS only admits high school graduates and college freshmen, and in exceptional cases sophomores.
  • Is the Levermore Global Scholar program a good fit for international students?
    • Yes, LGS can be particularly interesting for international students who would like to gain professional and leadership skills by undertaking internships in various non-for-profit, public and international organizations, and participating in study abroad.
  • What experience and skills does the student gain upon completing the Levermore Global Scholar program?
    • Levermore Global Scholars graduate understanding the nature of specific local and global problems. They also understand how these problems emerged and why they are not easily solved. They have practical hands-on work experience on their resume. They have some feeling for which corporate culture would best suit them. They can speak at least two languages and appreciate cultural differences. They have professional networking contacts both at home and abroad. Levermore Global Scholars graduate with professional leadership skills and global knowledge and they are recognized as Levermore Global Scholars upon graduating.
  • What type of student will gain the most from becoming a Levermore Global Scholar?
    • High School graduates and college freshmen who want to change the world for the better. LGS students share the following attributes:
      – seek diversity and want to explore other cultures
      – enjoy outside-the-classroom projects
      – can effectively learn through discussion and writing
      – want to give to their community
      – often assume leadership roles in student government or social, political and cultural clubs
      – enjoy learning by doing, and would like to intern
      – have a desire to travel, live, work and study abroad
      – want to speak at least two languages
      – are intrigued by international events
      – want to study subjects that have global significance and impact
  • How many students enroll in the Levermore Global Scholars program, and what are their majors?
    • LGS admits up to 40 students in each class; 160 students in all years. LGSP is open to Adelphi freshmen from all schools, including the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, and School of Education, School of Social Work and School of Nursing. Levermore Global Scholars pursue an array of majors, including Political Science, Management, Economics, History, English, Psychology, Dance, Communications, Social Welfare, Nursing, and Education. You can take advantage of LGSP regardless of your major.
  • Is Levermore Global Scholar a student club?
    • No, the Levermore Global Scholars Program is much more than a student club it is a program of distinction. It affects the courses you will take and gives you extra-curricular activity opportunities. It is a learning community in which you take some classes with the same small set of students throughout your undergraduate years. You will also share the similar experience of internships and perhaps studying abroad.
  • Can I wait until after my second semester of freshmen year to apply to LGS?
    • While you can join second semester if space is available, you would miss the opportunity to firmly and quickly bond with the other Levermore Global Scholars. In your first semester as a Levermore Global Scholar, you take an orientation class, the Art and Craft of writing course and a Levermore First Year Seminar together with the same set of students. This helps you get to know many other Levermore Global Scholars with similar interests.
  • Why is “Levermore” part of the program name?
    • Dr. Charles Levermore, the first president of Adelphi College (1896-1912) was active in many world peace organizations. He even won a contest to have his peace plan submitted to congress. His idea was a compromise plan to have the United States join the League of Nations under a special status. Dr. Levermore promoted communication among different nations and cultures and believed that international study was important for all scholars. The Levermore Global Scholars program implements Dr. Levermore’s vision of educated students promoting cultural understanding both locally and globally.
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