LGS students in Costa Rica.

Prepare to create and implement your own initiatives.

I. An Active and Informed Globalist
In the LGS seminars, scholars learn, write about, discuss and reflect upon themes of global significance.

LGS Scholars are also encouraged to:

  • go abroad on Adelphi approved programs of shorter and longer duration;
  • attend briefings and conferences at the United Nations;
  • participate in campus and off-campus events with political leaders from other countries;
  • attend sessions with LGS guest speakers who are knowledgeable about other countries, societies and cultures;
  • examine global issues in relation to the experiences of communities in the United States in order to understand their global context.

II. A Compassionate Citizen
In the LGS seminars, scholars get involved in carrying out community projects.

LGS Scholars are also encouraged to:

  • undertake LGS-credited internships;
  • participate in the events offered as part of the LGS cultural program;
  • meet and talk to leaders and activists from the non-profit sector invited to LGS seminars, or as part of the LGS guest speakers’ and documentary series;
  • participate in voluntary activities on and off campus to understand the experiences and struggles of local communities.

III. A Generalist
In the Levermore Global Scholars seminars, scholars form interdisciplinary groups and engage in collaborative interdisciplinary projects that show interconnectedness between students’ majors and minors within a global framework of analysis.

IV. A Thinker, Motivator and Doer
In the LGS seminars, scholars engage in designing and carrying out action projects that develop students’ intellectual potential for ideas and practical solutions, knowledge about implementation strategies and skills for teamwork.

LGS Scholars are also encouraged to:

  • Create and implement their own initiatives to advocate, spread awareness, raise funds and motivate others to get involved behind a civic or/and global cause.
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