Levermore Global Scholars


Levermore Global Scholars Undergraduate Research Journal

Journal for a Changing World


An Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Journal

Adelphi’s first­ ever undergraduate research journal is available to all students through the Levermore Global Scholars Program (LGS). This publication incorporates research from students and faculty of all disciplines and levels of education. The original research is compiled by the LGS community and represents a diverse population of independent, lifelong learners who seek to contribute knowledge in an ever­changing world. Research harnessing interdisciplinary methodologies reflects the LGS passion for knowledge and critical focus on cultural values.

Submissions for publication are peer-reviewed by undergraduate LGS seniors under the supervision of program faculty.


ISSUE 1: FALL 2015

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If you would like to submit your research for publication in a future installment of the Journal for a Changing World, please review our submission instructions (PDF).